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What About DIY Conveyancing?

What About DIY Conveyancing?

DIY conveyancing is just a bad idea.  It can be done and it can be done successfully.  However it can go seriously wrong and if it does then there are lots of things that really can go horribly wrong.  To put DIY conveyancing into context, conveyancing will cost you perhaps around £500 or may be up to £750 but if you DIY it, but make a mistake and is a really serious mistake because you do not pick up on something, then you could find yourself being sued for negligence and the person suing you may wish to be recompensed with compensation.  Potentially you could lose everything, now is that really worth all the hassle?

Mortgage Provisions

If you have a mortgage then the mortgage company will put conditions on your mortgage and they will not let you reach the completion stage without having a solicitor to act on their behalf.  They will want to ensure that you are buying a house that is structurally sound for example.  The mortgage company may well appoint a solicitor and if you thought that doing most of it yourself would save you money, think again.  The solicitor will want to check that everything is in place so that he or she isn’t sued by the mortgage company if it all goes belly up in a few years time.

Do You Know What You Are Looking For?

Let us think about the following scenario.  You are buying a home that has a loft conversion.  The loft was converted by the present owners and looks fine.  You do all the Local Authority Searches and find out that no Building Regulations approvals were applied for on the property.  You are buying as a cash buyer, so everything proceeds.  Then in 3 years time you want to sell.  But you cannot.  The loft conversion should have had Building Regulations Approval.  You cannot sell the house because buyers have mortgages and mortgage companies will often not lend if the loft was not inspected and approved in terms of Building Regs.  So now you are stuck.  You could retrospectively apply for Building Regs, but there will probably be other works that you need to do and it will cost you a fortune.  If you had used a solicitor, then this would probably have been picked up on and all would have been sorted before you bought the house i.e. you could have negotiated a lower price.  But you didn’t!

Invest In Conveyancing

Although it will cost you a few hundred pounds, it is still worth having someone who knows what they are doing carrying out conveyancing for you.  If you look on conveyancing as being an investment that will save you time, save you stress and anxiety and will save you having to worry that you ‘missed something’ and will be sued because you have no professional negligence insurance underwriting your conveyancing, then it is absolutely worth appointing someone.  Life is too short to have it ruined by DIY conveyancing, so leave it to the experts and in the interim, have a life; because if you do DIY conveyancing it will take over your life for months!